The CSC SPV - CSC e governance Services India Limited is expected to function as the anchor agency, stepping in to strengthen interrelationships and linkages where ever necessary. The CSC SPV helps to bring multiple Service Providers who offer government, business, financial and social services through CSCs at a common platform

The CSC SPV has been promoted by the Government of India and incorporated under companies Act 1956. The stakeholders include Ministry of Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India, State Governments, SDAs, Banks (FIs).

Skill Vertical’s initiative of CSC SPV addresses pressing needs of skilling India's youth for employment, entrepreneurship and community enterprise. It reaches into communities, develops skills of people from financially challenged backgrounds and acclimatizes them with the changing work environment. The core philosophy is to create courses that would help in creating and supplying trained manpower to the industrial spectrum as well as develop entrepreneurial talent.

CSC SPV shall provide a suite of products focused on Skill Centres. The solutions facilitate the education vertical – right from preparing for an entrance examination, conducting digital assessments, learner feedbacks and a host of products that help institutions manage the entire life cycle of learning and various entities in the institutions.

The Common Services Centres (CSCs) can be an effective and innovative framework to enable rural communities to access public services, information, knowledge and skills for gainful employment.

Our Vision:

  • Digital Infrastructure as a core utility to every citizen.
  • Governance and Services on demand.
  • Digital empowerment of citizens.